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June 22, 2020

By: Sinjin


0 Mileage Gas Monkey COPO CRC Camaro Up For Sale

Before the angry mob assembles in the comments section of whatever social platform this gets posted on saying, “y’AlL nEvEr SeLl AnY oF yOuR cArS!”, we’re not selling this Camaro, it’s currently being offered by Streetside Classics. You’ve been warned, I tried to save you from some embarrassment.


For those not sure what COPO stands for or means, prepare for a short and sweet history lesson. The Central Office Production Order (COPO) from Chevrolet started in the late 1960’s, its the top shelf when it comes to what the bowtie offers. Initially created as a loophole, dealers were able to create high-performance cars that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

Teased by Chevy in 2011 and officially released again in 2012, COPO Camaros had made their appearance and ready to raise some havoc in this Millenium. Unlike the original COPO’s, these would not be street legal and designed strictly to fit NHRA racing specifications. Besides the 201 Don Yenko specially ordered for his dealership, the production numbers were extremely limited to just 69 each year.


When the COPO was brought back, Chevrolet produced them in two variants, of the 69 COPO Camaro’s 20 of them were classified CRCs, Certified Race Chassis. CRC008, initially owned by Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage, is still brand new with 0 miles on the odometer. Sad to see a car born for the drag strip and still not one wheel turn with power.

Inside there’s a full NHRA legal cage, lightweight sport bucket seats from Procar, backseat delete, and practically zero sound deadening. If you thought you would at least get a cup holder or some AC in this racecar, you might need to look elsewhere.

As incredible as a completely sleek and stripped-down body can be, for a car like this underneath is what we’re all looking for. With the top of the line 427 cu. in. powerplant, a Holley intake manifold, Powerglide 2-speed transmission, Currie 9-inch rear axel, and a full wish list of various upgrades to get you down the track as fast as possible.

When it comes Camaro’s a COPO is truly an investment. It’d be great to see this Camaro be bought and immediately taken to the track, but with a price tag like this one, we’d understand if you waited on a bit on the track time. To see more of it and possibly make it yours, head over to Streetside Classics site now. With how much Richard sold his COPO #041 for, this one looks like a solid deal 😉

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