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July 9, 2018

By: Jonathan


1 Of 22 This Low Mileage Viper Makes Us Stand At Attention

If you didn’t know that the Dodge Viper ended its production run in 2017 then this ACR isn’t for you. However, if you were aware then this top of the line 2017 Viper is ripe for your garage.

From SRT to ACR four different trims of Vipers were offered in its final year with the latter, ACR, being at the high end of the spectrum. This particular ACR is just one of 22 dealer editions produced and has just 11 miles on the odometer. Built for the track this red, white and blue snake features a carbon wing, hood and Brembo carbon brakes, but that’s not to say you couldn’t still just cruise to some tunes courtesy of the 12 speaker Harmon Kardon system.

With the window sticker still on it you’re destined to pay more than the around $125,000 listed at Mecum’s PA auction, but you’ll be doing so for one of the last produced Vipers in history…Not to mention one kickass car.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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