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December 4, 2018

By: Jonathan


1956 Chevrolet 3100 Auction Listing Is Simply Amazing

Going through the lots for Mecum’s Kansas City, MO auction beginning Thursday this 1956 Chevrolet 3100 caught my eye. Not because it’s an extravagant photo or car per se, but because it looked like the love child of the Shiner truck and the Hodge Podge Dodge and I thought, “that’s a truck our reader’s could find interesting.” Naturally, I click the link on your behalf, because that’s what I do, and was pleasantly surprised by one of the best action listings I’ve ever seen.

“Yellow.” Certainly elaborating would have told us more about the car, but I don’t think anymore could have told us more about the owner, hypothetically of course.

Born in 1936 he would have seen loved ones go off to fight in World War II, but two young himself he would have remained stateside learning the ways of the family farm. Around his 10th birthday the war would end, but not all would return home, such was war back then. At 10 he would shoulder more responsibility around the homestead helping out where he could. At 20 he would be an adult, even by today’s standards but in reality he had been for sometime, and he would buy this truck. The year was 1956.

The first big ticket purchase of his young life he would hold onto the truck as it was not only a much needed tool, but a security blanket. He didn’t fault those who left him to fight, he knew the cause was noble, but as a child the loss hardened him. So, this 1956 Chevy he would keep through his marriage, children and even their children until they would finally call on him to sell it at 82-years-old. He didn’t want to sell it. Just as buying it marked his independence, selling it would mean his dependance.

Out of options he had no choice but to let his family list it. The family would come to him with the paperwork and a single photo and ask him for a description of the truck. He would look up, face weathered from the years of hard work and say with a grin, “yellow.”

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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