1950 Chevy 3100 Sets Early Bar For Barrett-Jackson Vegas


August 6, 2018

By: Jonathan


20th Annual Gumball 3000 Takes Supercars From London To Tokyo

It’s a mere two days into the 20th annual Gumball 3000 and for those following online it feels already like weeks and I can assure you, as someone who’s done it, it feels even longer to the participants.

For those not following you have now through August 12th to be introduced to your new bucket list item. The rally, not race as no winner is declared or records kept of times, began 20 years ago by Maximillion Cooper who was just looking to have a good time with friends. Since then the good times have grown to this year take participants from London to Tokyo (by way of chartered planes for both cars and drivers) and his list of friends has grown to include the likes of Usher, partaking in this year’s cross-continent rally.

Equal parts party and cars it’s the rarity and sheer value of the cars that keeps spectators lining the route and liking the pictures. In its two decade existence the Gumball 3000 has turned itself into a multi-million dollar brand, but in the time of social media it truly stands to flourish as platforms like Instagram were built for this type of fame and fortune to be put on display for those of us likely now going to buy a Powerball ticket on the way home.

[Photography by Gumball 3000/Alex Penfold.]

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