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October 7, 2020

By: Sinjin


Drive off in this ’61 Galaxie!

Over the past few seasons of Fast N’ Loud, you’ve seen us restore a couple of Galaxies. Originally going into production before the era of muscle cars, the Galaxie platform changed over the years and transformed it into the “gentleman’s hotrod”. These Galaxies have a ton of potential and because of that, their style can go every which way. For example, look at our ’68 Galaxie vs. our ’62 Galaxie. Both apart of the same family, but vastly different end results.

The reason we bring this up? Well, meet our 1961 Galaxie Sunliner Convertible, one that has a likeness to our ’62  before any work started on our build. You can find a ton of Galaxies for sale on the interwebs for $30,000 to $40,000, but this Galaxie is not one of them. Save your money. Don’t buy a finished product. Make your own hotrod.

By why should this old Ford take up space in your garage? Well, this one is a nice “driver” example of the second generation Galaxie. There aren’t enough nice drivers out there to be had, and if you’re looking for a great starting point on a build or just a classic to pop around town in, you’ve found the one.

Under the hood, photos reveal the 352 CID V8 and 2-speed Ford-O-Matic transmission that has been maintained throughout the years. Looking underneath reveals a fairly solid chassis with minimal superficial rust present on most components.

Here’s what the deal is and why if you’re interested you need to act fast. For being a reader of, we’re giving you a sneak peek and a head start to make this yours. On Friday this Galaxie goes up for sale on eBay and every average Joe can take a crack at it. While answering very simple questions that are clearly listed in the description is our favorite past time, we’d rather avoid that this time around. If you want more information on this 1961 Galaxie Sunliner Convertible, you can see all 100+ photos and the full description on our inventory page.

Lastly, if you would like to make an offer on the vehicle you can send an email to us at [email protected] You’ve got a little more than 36 hours to make your move, do the most with that time!

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