Ride Along In The Near 1,000HP EXORCIST ZL1 1LE


December 4, 2017

By: Jonathan


641HP Lamborghini Urus Debuts Just In Time For Christmas

Okay, okay, we know the $200,000 price tag of the Urus makes it not a realistic Christmas gift, but all things considered it’s not that bad of a price…

For starters, the Lamborghini SSUV is powerful, to the tune of 641hp and 627lb.-ft. of torque and the title of fastest SUV. Those numbers stem from the Urus’s 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine which gives way to the cars 0-62mph time of 3.6-seconds and top speed of 190mph. With the Lambo moniker and near 200mph top speed it’s easy to forget that the Urus is a 4WD SUV and with four different driving modes: STRADA, SPORT, CORSA and NEVE for snow. Further contributing to its off-road capabilities is the options of TERRA (off-road) and SABBIA (sand).

Needless to say, now, the performance is there and paired with the Lamborghini name the $200,000 price tag still makes it a dream car, but one that could have easily been far greater.

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