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December 17, 2018

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80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental Resurrects ‘Suicide Doors’

Celebrating 80 years of the Lincoln Continental the manufacturer decided to throw it back in a major way with the anniversary edition featuring the iconic “center-opening doors” aka suicide doors.

In recent years some aftermarket doors of this style have made it pretty tacky, but when done right, or on older models, the look is brilliant. In this instance I think Lincoln teeters on that brilliance, but the car could stand to be longer in the rear as the current affect with the doors open is a somewhat stubby appearance. Nevertheless, we welcome the return of such an iconic look.

The Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition, if only the rear were as long as it’s name, will be limited to just 80 units. Though the run maybe one unit for every year buyers will need not look beyond 2019 when the run is expected to take place, but wait, if you’re not keen on titles you can wait for the 2020 model which will be simply the Continental Coach Door Edition.

With a 2+2 setup the sedan features best in class legroom and has back seats reminiscent of luxury no longer seen in many American cars. Under the hood it features a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine featuring 400hp and matching amount of torque as well as three drive modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort… But leaves those to your driver.

Orders are being accepted now and delivery is slated for summer of 2019.

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