You can own this sweet '85 IROC Z28


September 14, 2020

By: Sinjin


A Classic For A Cause!

It’s no question that here at Gas Monkey Garage we’re huge fans of badass hotrods. It’s even better if building/owning those hotrods can make some $$$ along the way, after all, Richard Rawlings’ favorite color is green primarily because that’s the color of cash.

As we were looking around the interwebs we spotted an auction on Bring-A-Trailer that stood out. An auction of a certain custom 1939 Ford Delexue that just so happens to be owned by the creator of Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C., Kurt Sutter. But why this ’39 Ford deserves all the attention: Sutter will donate the full amount of the sale to the BLD PWR Initiative.

Before we go any further, we gotta state a little fun fact of why Sons of Anarchy is especially a favorite here at the garage (also in hopes that Kurt sees this). Most of y’all know Keenan Hons, our mechanic that has been around since pretty much day one. Well, Keenan shares a seriously strong resemblance with one of the major characters of S.O.A, Jax. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, it looks like Keenan has been having a little side hustle going on.

Donating and supporting a charity while getting a pretty sweet hotrod in return sounds like the perfect tradeoff to us! Let’s look under the hood of this classic for a special cause.

Pumping out the power is a 383ci Chevrolet V8 with a four-speed 700R4 automatic transmission. This small block is also breathing through an Edelbrock carb. While it looks old school on the outside, you still have some modern conveniences with this ride such as A/C, front disc brakes, power-assisted steering, touch screen stereo, power windows, billet accessories, and aftermarket gauges.

Giving it the perfect hotrod look, the steel body has a 2.5″ chop, shaved bumpers and trim, a louvered hood, suicide doors, and smoothed running boards. This 1939 Ford definitely has the mean look down!

Despite what other cars you’re looking at currently, no other car right now can give you that fuzzy feeling in your heart quite like this one. The BLD PWR Initiative, a 501(c)(3)-sponsored charity that promotes diverse representation and perspectives in Hollywood studio productions. Doing his part and working hard to make a difference, we have to tip our cap to Kurt for this generous act.

Don’t wait any longer, check it out on Bring-A-Trailer now as the auction is live and will end in 7 days. If your significant other gets upset that you bought another car, just say you were doing it for charity!

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