Rat Rad! 1968 Lamborghini Is Absolutely Insane


January 8, 2020

By: Jonathan


A New Yorker State Of Mind

In the middle of the twentieth century Howard Hughes was a sort of real life Tony Stark: rich, brilliant and eccentric. During his lifetime he was a businessman, film director, philanthropist, but most notably would go down in history for his work in aviation. Albeit, largely in part today thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio portraying him in the film The Aviator.


As an aviator he would set multiple speed records, build the largest plane of the time the Hercules aka the Spruce Goose and acquire and expand TWA, but when not in the air this 1954 Chrysler New Yorker would shuttle him around. Those who have seen the film or know anything about Howard’s later years would know that he became increasingly reclusive and intent on cleanliness a trait which resulted in a unique feature of the car, an air purification system in the trunk. An upgrade, which according to its Barrett-Jackson listing, exceeded the cost of the car at the time.


Aside from that one unique and costly modification the car is a fairly straightforward New Yorker, but impressively only has 1,685 original miles and original. The car features it’s original Pastel Blue paint and its 354cu.-in. V8 engine was recently serviced so you could hop right into this and be transported back to Howard’s time in Las Vegas cruising the strip and breathing clean air. This classic Chrysler owned by a legend in American history seeks a new owner at next week’s Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.


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