Pair Of Ponies Headlining Ford's SEMA Display


October 30, 2019

By: Jonathan


All My Friends Know The Lowliner

Dodge and Mopar are notorious for their almost comical amount of special editions and customizations they release for their consumer cars and if you’ve ever seen their SEMA display you know it continues their. This year’s SEMA beginning next week looks to be no different in the custom regard, but a bit different in model year. Case and point, this 1968 Dodge D200-series Lowliner concept.


In Mopar’s section you will usually fins a slew of concepts, and still stand to this year, but this retro truck is destined to be the star. Built by Mopar the ’68 D200 has been finished in a brilliant Candied Delmonico Red with custom staggered 22-inch wheels designed to mirror the steel wheels of that era. The inside compliments the retro-refinished exterior by utilizing the original bench seat refinished with orange-amber Blazing Saddle Tan leather.


However visually appealing the exterior and interior might be it all began with the team at Mopar boxing the c-channel frame, lowering the truck and lengthening the wheelbase. Under the hood is a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine because it’s still a Dodge after all with a six-speed manual transmission. The Lowliner can certainly live up to its name and get low, but also can ride driving height and driving height plus, three settings courtesy of the custom air suspension.


All-in-all it’s refreshing to see a manufacturer look to their past to help showcase their present and future at a show where the major manufacturers tend to go modern and over the top. If you’re in Vegas next week get in line behind us checking this beauty out.

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