A Skyline Better Than Most Cities Up For Auction


April 18, 2019

By: Jonathan


Bandit Trans Am, Memorabilia Being Offered By Estate Of Burt Reynolds

Upon first learning that numerous items were being offered from Burt Reynolds estate sale myself and others around Gas Monkey were naturally excited, but then you realize the excitement stems from the misfortune of others. Going through the lots being offered by Julien’s Auctions it’s a bit like peering into Burt’s home and closet with furnishings and clothing making up the bulk of the lots, and that’s strange. However, from everything I’ve heard about him from those who had met him, was that he was one of the nicest people and as a result of that I like to think he’s pleased watching all the joy he’s continuing to spread through the auctioning of some of his belongings.

Pictured is just a few of the items that seemed to really scream Burt. Most notably the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am he’s posed in front. Built by Bandit Movie Cars the car was owned by Burt and his business partner Gene Kennedy and now seeks a new owner with $300,000 – $500,000 to spare. Another item, which seems incredibly personal to Burt, is the painting of his favorite horse, Cartouche, which interestingly enough is projected to be the second most expensive lot behind the Trans Am. Other items include the expected boots and hats, a few jackets representing his beloved Florida State Seminoles and a blazer from one of his last films, The Last Movie Star. [Ed note: The Last Movie Star is excellent and was written solely with Burt in mind. In fact, the writer/director said he would have not made the movie if Burt said no.]

The auction will take place June 15th and 16th a the Standard Oil Building in Beverly Hills and live online at I’m sure this isn’t the last Burt auction we will see in the years to come, but certainly wouldn’t sleep on this chance to honor a once in a lifetime star.

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