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February 20, 2019

By: Jonathan


Blind Mechanic Drives For The First Time

Cars are one of the few daily experiences many have that truly stimulates most our senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell. It’s no surprise then that Bart Hickey, a blind mechanic for 30 years, was drawn to cars as a career; cars gave him the ability to truly utilize all of his other senses.

Despite being a mechanic for all those years, Bart never had the opportunity to get behind the wheel and just drive, a feeling we take for granted in the monotony of our lives. However, the folks at Mercedes-Benz heard Bart’s story and wanted to help him write a new chapter. They brought Bart and his son to Alvord Lake, Oregon and let him rip in the dry lake bed. Bart hit 124mph that day in the bright green Mercedes-AMG GT R and in doing so fulfilled a lifelong dream of a man who’d spent his career giving others the gift of driving.

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