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April 4, 2018

By: Sinjin


BMW Launches New Subscription Service For Cars

Monthly subscription services are not a new concept, from meal prep to booze and even a jelly of the month club; the latter of which Clark Griswold should have appreciated that subscription a little more. Though a monthly subscription for cars is something BMW hopes will be the next big thing.

Access by BMW was officially launched earlier this week but only at the BMW of Nashville. With no real connection to Nashville, besides a close manufacturing plant in South Carolina, our only guess is that BMW is wanting to take things slow and work out some of the quirks before bringing it to a larger market. Well, that or maybe just Nashville is a cool as everyone says.

BMW is keeping their cards and cars close to their chest regarding price and exactly what comes with the subscription service, but we can assume some things from what other manufacturers have already done. The price normally has the cost of owning the car rolled into it, such as the registration, service, and maintenance. The real appeal of the service is being able to switch cars depending on your needs or ultimately your mood. So, you could possibly be cruising around in the summer months in a convertible Z3, and then change it up for the winter and be nice and comfy in a 750Li.

With other manufacturers, such as Lincoln, Mercedes, and Cadillac starting to offer programs similar, it should be interesting to see if big car brands can add a new option to buying or leasing a car.

At the end of the day, we are hoping that BMW has plans to include the i8 roadster in the subscription plan. What car of the BMW fleet do you have your eyes on that would be your first pick if you had this service?

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