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December 21, 2018

By: Jonathan


BMW Restores One-Of-A-Kind 1600 GT Convertible

It should go without saying that we love seeing older cars restored to their former glory and no one is better at doing that than the car’s original manufacturers. Case and point, this BMW 1600 GT convertible prototype.

The finished product speaks for itself, but what you can’t see is the years of work that apprentices who are part of BMW’s vocational training team put in to restoring it. Under the watchful eye of their trainers the crew completed the work at the same Dingolfing plant that gave birth to the car in 1967.

In fact, the factory produced two examples that year, but when the pair set out for a test drive one would fall victim to an accident and was scrapped leaving this as the only 1600 GT convertible as the only surviving example. The car was then gifted by the manufacturer to their biggest shareholder, Herbert Quandt. Herbert’s family would then own the car for years before letting it enter the private market where it was said a fashion model once owned it, a business man and ultimately Munich-based Allianz Centre for Engineering. It was the latter which BWM Group Classic was able to strike a deal with the restore the car to its original glory.

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