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December 6, 2018

By: Jonathan


Checkout This Naked Regera, Like Really Naked

It’s hard to hear Koenigsegg and not think carbon fiber as the Swedish manufacturer has perfected its use. Even more impressively is that they’ve done so in house at their factory, a truly amazing site if you ever get the opportunity to see their craftsmen at work.

The brand has now put that mastery of carbon fiber on display in their most recent car to roll out of the factory, an entirely naked Regera. According to Koenigsegg carbon is usually finished in one of three ways: sanded with paint and/or clear coat, the epoxy layer polished or the epoxy layer removed and polished to raw carbon. This, so far, one-of-a-kind Regera was finished in the third method having all of the epoxy removed and sanded down to the raw carbon, a process which they note is very difficult as one pass of the sander too may can ruin the natural carbon pattern.

Built specifically for their Swiss dealer Carage and one of only 80 Regeras being built, all of which sold months ago. They haven’t said where the car is headed after Carage’s grand opening next year, but it is certainly one we would love to see in person AND touch… The natural carbon with no coating or epoxy will feel cold to the touch.

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