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October 3, 2019

By: Jonathan


Chevrolet Drops The Curtain On First Hardtop Convertible ‘Vette

The debut of the first hardtop Chevrolet Corvette marks a new chapter for the iconic make and marks an end to the C8’s rollout. While there will certainly still be some additional trims and packages to hit the market still the mid-engine Corvettes overall debut and convertible release were Chevy’s stories of the year.

It should go without saying that this isn’t by any means the first convertible Corvette, the model debuted as a convertible in 1953, but it is the first hardtop convertible. This is exciting news for a driver that likes the styling of the 1LT Stingray coupe, but perhaps isn’t ready for the coupe commitment. Not to mention that the ‘vert option will only cost you $7,500 more than the entry level 1LT Stingray coupe. The roof can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 30mph and do so in 16-seconds.

If you’re worried that Chevrolet made sacrifices to make this hardtop a reality, let me assure you, they didn’t. The convertible ‘Vette is powered by the same 6.2L Small Block V8 LT2 engine with 495hp and 470 lb-f of torque. You can already begin building and pricing your convertible now and production will begin in Bowling Green, KY later this year with the car hitting showrooms in the first-quarter of 2020.

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