Most Powerful Ford Super Duty Ever Delivers Optional 7.3-Liter V8


February 4, 2019

By: Jonathan


Chevrolet eCOPO Pops Wheelie On First Drag Pass

Like it or not you’re going to be seeing a lot more electric in motorsports in the near future, but if this video of a 2019 Chevrolet eCOPO is a sign of what’s to come, hurry up!

The 800-volt battery powered car ran the quarter-mile in 10.142-seconds at 130.85mph. According to the YouTube poster, the car made the pass at just 80% power leaving a good portion of its 780 lb-ft. of torque and over 780hp left in the motor. Good news for us as it means an inevitable pass in the 9s and many more videos to come.

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