Crashing A $2 Million Hypercar, Intentionally [Video]


April 30, 2019

By: Jonathan


Corvette Drops C8 Teaser Video

Spy shots have been circulating and then at the New York International Auto Show Chevy dropped a lot of media containing the camofloughed prototype, but this video shows the all-new C8 on track for the first time…albeit pretty briefly. Nevertheless, the video is a fun montage of Corvette history as the brand prepares to write the next chapter on 7/18/19 when they unveil the next-generation of Corvette to the world.

Given how Dodge and Ford have stepped up performance significantly with their various Challenger and Mustang trims, respectively, the 2020 Corvette stands to shatter nearly every ‘Vette production statistic to date. The only real unknown is whether the price point will make it competitive with the high power at a lower cost we’re seeing these days out of the other two of the big three. All will be answered though in just 79 days!

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