Rare Hemi Daytona Looks To Break Three-Quarters Of A Million


April 30, 2019

By: Jonathan


Crashing A $2 Million Hypercar, Intentionally [Video]

The Internet loves a good crash video, whether it’s occurring at the Canopener Bridge home to the famous 11foot8 cam or in the controlled environment of a manufacturer’s testing facility. However, until now I’d never given much thought to crash testing hypercars until I saw this video and was immediately taken back by it.

For starters, there was the realization that a manufacturer like Koenigsegg needs to destroy a $2 million dollar car in order to sell all their other $2 million dollar cars…Gotta spend money to make money, I suppose. In doing these tests the manufacturer uses and repairs the same car as it’s cheaper and more efficient for them to do so versus major manufacturers who can seemingly pull cars off the line whenever they need them. Additionally, it’s almost comical watching the testing they’re doing. A top of the line hypercar which utilizes the most advanced tech and materials in manufacturing and on the road is being beaten on with hammers and having its doors slammed all by hand. A scene that you can’t help, but laugh at or the very least crack a smile. Checkout the whole process that goes into it below.

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