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March 22, 2018

By: Jonathan


Custom Rolls-Royce Fit For Rebellious Royalty

When Richard sends a link to something a typical reaction is, “oh no,” followed by turning the monitor so no co-workers can see and bravely clicking the link, but not only was this link SFW it was to one of the most kickass and unique Rolls-Royces I’d ever seen.

However, the link in question was in Norwegian, but thanks to Google Translate the must-knows have become, well, known. The Rolls-Royce is a 1974 Silver Shadow with 62 miles (seems suspect, but then again so does a 5 year dealer warranty). The rest is best left to the original ad by way of Google Translate because it reads as though the Norwegian salesman is speaking directly to you in broken English and it’s amazing.

A very painstaking custom handmade leather interior has resulted in something so absurdly tough that the attention achieved must be measured in megatron! 462ci GM V8 mounted 14/71 Mooneyham press and 2×1150 Dominator carburettors wake up the madness of life and must simply be experienced.

“Measured in megatron” and “wake up the madness of life,” it’s like an excerpt from Jerry Bruckheimer’s diary and it’s perfect! As is the car which is being offered for around $115,000 USD and to get ahead of the “Why doesn’t Richard just buy it” sayers out there, he had a chance awhile back when he was over there, but missed it by 45 minutes. Clearly it’s still a car which resonates wth him today.

[For more pictures, information and a lesson and Norwegian see the listing.]

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