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December 12, 2017

By: Jonathan


Dick Landy’s ’65 Dodge Hemi Coronet A/FX Is Racing History

Many won’t know “Dandy” Dick Landy by name, his car possibly, but his contributions to drag racing, absolutely. Passing away in 2007, Landy would help pioneer drag racing as we know it today with his altered wheelbase 1965 Dodge Hemi Coronet A/FX paving the way for Funny Cars.

It was in this Dodge that Landy won 39 of 40 match races and today is regarded as the best surviving altered wheelbase racecar. His success was due largely to his involvement in the entire process of the car’s build and not just as a driver. Landy was instrumental in advocating for acid-dipping to help reduce weight, which combined with other weight saving factors like fiberglass and special seats helped to give Landy an edge. However, it certainly didn’t hurt that his Coronet was powered down the strip by a Hemi 426 CI V-8 engine.

The car isn’t perfect and features a cracked driver’s taillight, but it is this imperfection which helps confirm its authenticity and didn’t hold it back from taking home the Meadow Brook Concours Blue Ribbon. A legendary man, Landy’s Coronet followed suit in the world of drag racing and heads to auction where it could bring anywhere from $750,000 to one-million.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum.]

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