Mustang Bullitt Conquers Legendary Isle Of Man TT's Mountain Road


November 6, 2018

By: Jonathan


Dodge Buffs Up Santa, Sleigh For New Christmas Spot

For those that refuse to get into the Christmas spirit till after Thanksgiving, avert your eyes! The rest of you, enjoy this new spot from Dodge.

The commercial, which the brand wasted no time posting after Halloween, features Santa’s workshop and Dodge’s incredibly fast Challenger and Hellcat lineup. However, they didn’t stop there going further and giving Santa’s sleigh a boost by way of their Redeye featuring the added touch of antlers on the logo… One we’d suggest all owners doing for the holiday season.

Additionally, they made Santa buff which could be a bit odd to some, but we like to think it’s just pre milk and cookies Santa, but without a Redeye sleigh of our own we won’t be fast enough to ever find out.

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