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April 3, 2018

By: Sinjin


Dodge Demon & McLaren 720S Go Head To Head

Being the new kid on the block you have a lot to prove, especially if you are the new Dodge Demon whose hype man would make Puff Daddy jealous.

The matchup this time pits the Demon against the McLaren 720S. For your bank account the two are drastically different, but on paper it’s a pretty fair fight with the Dodge Demon having the advantage with the standing quarter mile, recorded at 9.65 seconds and the McLaren at 10.3 seconds. However, it has been known to have squeezed under 10-second mark from time to time.

Though the rolling start is a completely different ball game and it’s where the Demon steps out of its element and where the McLaren earns its higher price tag. The rolling start is a lot about your power to weight ratio and with the 720S weighting in around 2900lbs, depending on the package and the Demon at 4300lbs, the advantage is easily given to the 720S.

Let’s talk about the big guns now, HORSEPOWER and TORQUE, I mean those are the numbers most of us really care about, right? The Demon puts out a monstrous 880hp and 770 lb.-ft. of torque and those are some impressive numbers. In the other lane, the 720S puts up big numbers, but not to the degree of the Dodge. At 720hp and 568 lb.-ft of torque there have been rumors that McLaren is being a little conservative in their reporting so some mystery remains.

So what will it be, the featherweight that has speed in its corner, or the heavyweight packing a major punch under the hood? See below to see which of these cars took home the W from a rolling start!

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