'65 Mustang Fastback Gives Chase Through Brazil


August 1, 2019

By: Jonathan


Dodge Offering $10 Per Horsepower Cash Allowance



The Dodge Challenger had its best sales year ever in 2019, the Charger is leading its segment for the third year in a row and the Durango is about to have its best year since 2005, but none of this matters to Dodge. The manufacturer smells blood in the water and they’re looking for more sales by offering $10 per horsepower cash allowance.


Beginning today customers looking for a new Challenger, Charger or Durango of any trim will get $10 for every horsepower the car makes in cash allowance. So, if in the market for a Redeye with 797hp you’re getting $7,970 or a modest SXT at 305hp it’s $3,050 and from there you can do the math. If you can’t, you’re in luck since I used to teach, multiply the hp by 10 and add a $ at the beginning.

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