Motor Mega Week Returns With 'Fast N' Loud' Vs. 'Street Outlaws' Mega Race


January 24, 2018

By: Jonathan


Driving A Sports Car More Thrilling Than Watching Football, Kissing | Study

Not excited for the big game featuring the Patriots and Eagles? Hop in a sports car instead! That’s right, driving a sports car provides you with more buzz moments, “peak thrills that play a vital role in our overall wellness,” than watching football and even kissing, a new study by Ford shows.

Building a Ford Focus RS with Designworks the brand was able to convey the driver’s buzz moments to all those within eye shot via a series of 200,000 LED lights via an AI attachment to the driver. The results found that those behind the wheel of a sports car had 2.1 buzz moments on their commute. Using the same artificial intelligence to measure the participants Ford found that this beat out shopping with 1.7 buzz moments, football with 1.5, Game of Thrones with 1.5 and kissing which recorded a surprising zero. In fact, the only scenario tested which registered higher was a rollercoaster with 3.

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