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March 14, 2018

By: Jonathan


Early Second-Gen Pontiac Trans Am Offered Unrestored

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is an interesting car in that its late 70s, early 80s popularity has forever altered the way we think of the classic.

Largely due to Smokey and the Bandit which featured a 1977, followed up by a 1980 in the sequel, and “Knight Rider” in which Michael Knight drove a 1982. The overwhelming success of these franchises forever implanted the idea of the Trans Am being black and with aggressive styling, especially in regards to the front and rear. However, rewind to the earlier years of the Trans Am, like this 1970, and you’ll get an entirely different picture.

For starters, it’s Polar White, and mostly original paint at that. You will also notice that the front-end has significantly more curved elements than the one you picture Burt Reynolds and Sally Field booking it down the highway in. This particular Trans Am is one of just 1 of 1,769 Ram Air III produced in that 1970 model year and is unrestored with 31,000 miles. A fantastic representation of that early second-generation run before the skyrocket in popularity it features a 400 cu.-in. Ram Air engine putting out 335hp. Having been owned by the same owner for 13 years, it will finally change hands this weekend at Mecum’s Kansas City auction.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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