'69 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Finds Second Life In Europe


February 5, 2018

By: Jonathan


Elon Musk Set To Launch His Tesla Roadster Toward Mars

Threatening to send Alice “to the moon,” may soon need to be updated to a rock a little further off. In his latest move in space exploration Elon Musk will be sending his personal Tesla Roadster into orbit by way of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket tomorrow [Ed. Note: Musk is CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla].

According to Musk, “If it doesn’t explode into tiny pieces [Ed. Note: duh], it will carry a Spaceman in a Roadster over 400 million km from Earth at 11 km/sec on a billion year journey through deep space.” Not really sure what the point behind including the Tesla is beyond marketing from one of the masters at it, but it would be pretty cool to one day discover an alien planet cruising in reverse engineered Teslas. Ad astra per aspera Spaceman and Roadster!

[Photography courtesy of Elon Musk.]

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