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February 11, 2019

By: Jonathan


Enduro Rider Shreds Up MTB Downhill Course

We’ve seen cars and trucks get in on the Gymkhana-esque style of video, but can’t recall too many motorcycles getting in on the action, until now. However, the only downside to doing a video like this is that the bar has been set extremely high for success and ultimately this video falls short. That’s not to say it’s still not exciting watching rider Benjamin Herrera do his thing, but given the small maneuverability of a motorcycle you’d expect a more fast paced, blood pumping video than was delivered.

The premise is simple and as “believable” as any other, Herrera has to get his Red Bull teammate Tomáš Slavík a GoPro he’d forgotten just before his run at Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo. Meaning Herrera is tasked with riding up the downhill course Slavík is about to tackle downhill on his mountain bike. The video was certainly enough to wet our whistles and would make a good teaser for a better one to follow, but if not it could be one of the few times the energy drink company has missed the mark on their video content.

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