Checkout This Naked Regera, Like Really Naked


December 5, 2018

By: Jonathan


‘Fast N’ Loud’ New Season | “Sneak Peek”

Just shy of a year ago charismatic Maisie Merlock caught us all at the garage by surprise with her spot on Garage Rehab parody. Well, now she’s back and pulling no punches in her latest, a spoof of Fast N’ Loud.

An actress, it is Maisie’s performances that make the video. Sorry Maisie’s dad behind the camera, but she captures, and often times exaggerates, the talent’s mannerisms brilliantly. From her spot on Richard with extra long red scarf to an always somber Mike Coy she hits the nail on the head with each impression. Other cast members getting the Maisie treatment include Dennis and Charles, as well as a Sue which had me thinking “oh no” repeatedly, but Maisie handled her impression perfectly.

We hope to see more videos, Maisie, just let us know what you need! More energy drinks? Shirts? Richard to create more shows?

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