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November 6, 2017

By: Jonathan


Fast N’ Loud Weekly Recap | ’34 Ford Coupe Pt. 2 [BTS]

Part two of the ’34 Ford build opens to a pretty familiar scenario at Gas Monkey Garage, a build running behind schedule. However, unlike in the past it’s not Aaron Kaufman leading the build, but guest builder and hot rod extraordinaire Brian Bass. Not wanting to sacrifice quality, and ease some of Mike Coy’s part one stress, Brian is able to talk Richard into a couple extra weeks with the guarantee it will still be finished in time for their Hot Rod magazine shoot.

In order to achieve the ‘60’s style Bass has envisioned since seeing the ’34 in that Tulsa barn the team had to chop the top by 5 ¼ inches, a feat which Richard also picks up a saw to help out with… although briefly. With the chop done the guys hustled to “sew” the car back together and found the perfect mix of blue, but were hesitant to show Richard knowing his affliction for it. However, all the hesitation was for not as the blue instantly won him over as quickly as it did everyone else.

With the build in the capable hands of the crew Richard and Dennis return to Round Rock, TX to try and flip the house of cars and, well, junk Richard bought. Wanting to be done with it all together he offers the entire lot for $400,000, but settles for $390,000 to be done with the literal mess of the house.

Back at the garage Bass and the Monkeys are still feeling the pressure, but perhaps now not as much as Charles who Richard has thrown another Ford his way to update with wheels/tires, Vette covers and an overall cleanup of the motor. Luckily, new parts guy Chad Isbell has joined the team to lend a hand to Charles and wherever else is needed.

As shoot day nears Bass is nervous about the Hemi engine firing up having never done so since it was completely rebuilt, but with Richard on hand the ’34 fires right up. With the engine running, the car painted and the interior completed the hot rod is finally ready for its reveal to Hot Rod magazine, and the world.

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