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November 21, 2017

By: Jonathan


Fast N’ Loud Weekly Recap | Kurt Busch Vs. Joey Logano

The Fast N’ Loud season finale had something for everyone: giant sales, rare sales and the fastest build in Gas Monkey Garage history… And for those that caught Richard live from South Korea after the show you got a little bit extra with him revealing new episodes will be back in February and there may even be a little something with Street Outlaws in the works.

Everyone loves a barn find, but in tonight’s episode B stories it wasn’t about buying, but selling… and sell Richard did. First to go was, well, nearly everything. Seventeen cars changed hands in Gas Monkey Garage’s largest sale bringing in a cool $800,000 and when Scotty said he’d take them the next day, he truly meant as two haulers showed up. Additionally, Richard and Dennis traveled to Pebble Beach to say goodbye to their Dual Guia number one. Crossing the block it was slow to get going, but ultimately the classic car ended up netting the two a profit as it was sold for $345,000.

However, the main event was obviously the conclusion of Kurt Busch’s Pantera build and the head to head race verse Joey Logano. As the Gas Monkey team was rushed to get their work done in time to head east to KBI for the final racing touches, Mike Coy was forced to rush painting the car, but ultimately got the car looking stellar and on the truck to North Carolina. Where it was joined on the truck by Richard’s GT350R which he announced he’d be driving as a pace car.

With time to kill awaiting the arrival of their car, the Monkeys head over to meet Joey and scope out the competition. Seeing Joey’s Factory Five race car motivates the guys even more to make sure they give it their all and it’s back to Kurt’s shop and off to the races (pun intended) to finish the remaining work on the build.

The long-awaited race day arrives and it’s safe to say that no one could see it unfolding as it did. After laying down the rules that it would be head to head racing, best of three with two laps in each heat, both teams are set loose to test on the 13-turn roval of Charlotte Motor Speedway. In his first few laps ever behinf the wheel of the Pantera and on this track, Kurt notices a tire rub and needs to park it for repairs. Unfortunately, for the GMG team, just down pit road Joey’s Ford is heading back out onto the track to continue practicing, that is until his fuel pump fails.

The Pantera is soon back up and running, but now having swapped repairs for the raceway with Joey and his team a different race is on to beat the weather and the track closing. Being the resourceful type, Joey pulls another fuel pump from a crew members car and they’re back running. However, the rain is upon them so the guys decide to make it a one race shootout of just two laps.

As soon as Richard dibs off in the pace car Kurt uses the inside lane to take the lead, but it doesn’t last long once they hit the turns as Joey’s racecar handles the road course portion much better. Back on the oval Kurt closes ground as they take the white flag, but again Joey maintains through the turns. On the oval for one last time with the checkered approaching Kurt is able to overpower Joey for the win.

And with that win came not just bragging rights, but the financial gains of a single dollar which leads Richard to offer gambling lessons in exchange for driving ones…That’s an episode we’d like to see.

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