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February 18, 2020

By: Sinjin


Ferrari F40 Heads To The Scrapyard In The Sky

It’s never easy to watch a classic go up in flames, trust us, we know. Not too long ago our 280z decided to partake in a car BBQ in a car transport trailer and burned down to its shell.

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While seeing this F40 doesn’t hurt as much as seeing our 280Z burndown, or our ’76 C10 wrecked, or our Mustang build crashed  ( okay, we haven’t had the best of luck over the past couple years), any car enthusiasts hates to see something like this happen.  Although we do prefer our F40’s Black, with larger wheels, and more style, we still appreciate an icon when we see one.

To make the matters worse, the day this F40 burned down… yeah it would’ve been Enzo Ferraris 122nd Birthday. How could the car gods allow such tragedy like this to happen on this day of all days!


If you’ve got nerves of steel and can stand to watch something as gut-wrenching as this is, the video of the F40 fully engulfed in flames is below

Side note: Shout out to the guy that tried to put it out with what looks like a garden hose. Ultimately it didn’t make a huge impact, but you gotta love where that guy’s heart is.

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