Three's Company! Trio Of FnL Cars Headed To Leake Auctions


November 15, 2018

By: Jonathan


Filipino Inventor Brings Smallest Manned Drone To Life

Let’s get one thing clear, this is not a flying car. And for that matter a car with wings that flies is a plane. A flying car is what Bruce Willis drove in The Fifth Element, until that happens, and not a moment sooner I refuse to call anything else a flying car. That being said, this drone you can ride is pretty sweet.

Invented in the Philippines by Kyxz Mendiola, who was first introduced to drones working in the film industry, this is said to be the world’s smallest manned drone. The one-seater craft utilizes 16 on-board computers and 16 propellers to achieve flight for 15 minute intervals requiring two and a half-hour of charging in-between. Not a perfect ratio quite yet to beat the traffic of the Philippines, but certainly well enough if you were just looking to put down Red Dead Redemption 2 long enough to grab a snack and park it back on the couch.

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