Solved! The Case Of How Much The 'Mystery Machine' Will Sell For


January 16, 2019

By: Jonathan


Finally, A McLaren Senna For The Masses!

The McLaren Senna is stupid expensive, though I’m sure worth every penny, but thankfully the good folks at Lego have gifted us regular people a chance to own our own Senna… Our own very small, very plastic, but very cheap Senna.

This newest edition is part of the Lego Speed Champions series. Quite smaller in size than other editions, such as the Technic Corvette ZR1, it also carries with it a smaller price tag of just $14.99. And for anyone walking down the Lego aisle recently can attest to, a sub-twenty price is quite nice given the seemingly ever skyrocketing cost of this piece of our childhood.

The set also features a fan so you can “wind tunnel test” your Senna. Or just throw out because it’s a stagnant fan and the car is a Lego and its inclusion really doesn’t make sense.

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