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December 5, 2018

By: Jonathan


First 2019 Ford GT Gulf Heritage Edition To Charity Lineup At Barrett

Barrett-Jackson has undoubtedly made a name for themselves moving big ticket items through the years, but in recent years it has been their philanthropic side bringing amazing lots and bookoo dollars.

This year’s Scottsdale auction is no exception as a 2019 Ford GT Gulf Heritage Edition will cross the block. This is an incredibly rare and coveted lot since Ford GTs are highly sought after as they’re very limited in terms of productions, but on top of that you have to be selected to purchase one. Additionally, unless you’re John Cena, they come with a waiting period for resale so new GT won’t be making it to auction for a few years.

However, on top of all that, this is no ordinary GT as the livery would suggest. This is the Gulf Heritage Edition celebrating the manufacturer’s historic back to back wins at Le Mans in 1968 and 1969. The winning GT40 would become the first car of the modern-era to win back to back and do so both years with Gulf Oil on the hood. If the exclusiveness and history surrounding the GT wasn’t enough to capture your interest, this is VIN 001. That’s right, Ford is parting with the first production GT Gulf Heritage Edition for the United Way for Southeastern Michigan.

Adding a charitable element to a car auction inflates the price drastically at times, but this car without the charity aspect would bring over a million so it will be fun to watch what happens in Scottsdale in mid-January.

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