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December 10, 2018

By: Jonathan


For Sale | Seiko Camaro’s Stock Wheels, Tires, Hood, more!

More times than not the cars we build don’t begin as much, but in this rare instance we began with a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS for our Seiko watch build.

By now I’m sure you saw the finished result and if you haven’t I’m seriously concerned how you missed the above image, but the reveal itself was one of our largest to date. Richard and seven-time NASCAR Cup series champion Jimmie Johnson took to the heart of midtown Manhattan to uncover the car for the world. Under that cover was a car which only vaguely resembled the stock Camaro it began as, which not only means you got to see a sick build, but can now snag all the original unused parts for cheap.

Via Craigslist Listing:

Factory Original Take Off 20″ Wheels & Tires, Hood, Front Grills (upper & lower) and Rear Spoiler and Complete Leather Seat Covers from a 2018 Camaro SS.

These items were removed from a brand new car we built here at the shop with only 6 miles on the odometer!
The tires are Good Year Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Run Flats, 245/40 ZR20 in the front & 275/35 ZR20 for the rear mounted on the factory Aluminum 5 spoke rims, again with only 6 miles on them as shown.

The seat covers are also brand new having been removed for this project, they are black leather and complete with SS emblems attached.

The hood and front grills are the Factory Composite SS pieces to replace your stock SS hood and grills or upgrade your non SS vehicle. Rear spoiler is from the same 2018 SS Camaro. These Wheels & Tires will fit a number of other vehicles however you must determine if the bolt pattern, offset and diameter will fit your car as I won’t!

All of these items came off a car we built here at Gas Monkey Garage and while they are essentially brand new parts, they were installed on a brand new car at the factory and will have normal installation marks.

These parts are located at Gas Monkey Garage 2330 Merrell Road Dallas 75229 however you MUST MESSAGE FOR AN APPOINTMENT ONLY! If you just show up you will not be able to see the parts! Prefer to sell the complete lot, may sell the wheels and tires as a set, the complete Leather seat set and all the other parts as another set, will not sell individual pieces. BRING CASH ONLY!!!!**** $1,950 OBO for everything *** message if interested in only 1 of the above lots.

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