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May 2, 2019

By: Jonathan


Ford Bringing Package Delivery, Car Washes Directly To You

I’m as lazy as the rest of you so I completely understand the desire for on demand products and services. I also understand that with each passing generation car ownership is becoming less important to young people who are only looking to get from A to B. It makes perfect sense that Ford would incentivize buyers with convenience and added value in this way.

The services will allow for Ford and Lincoln owners to have Amazon Prime packages delivered directly to their car with the owner not present. Additionally, they will be offering a similar on demand perk by way of mobile car washing services.

However, the in car delivery option seems to me a solution to a problem I’m not sure we have. We’ve all seen videos of packages being sniped from front porches during the holidays, but is it really an issue? Last holiday season 26 million people reported packages stolen, according to CBS News. The USPS delivers around 900 million packages during the holiday season. Assuming the USPS delivered all of those 26 million (which they didn’t, FedEx, UPS, etc would have delivered some) that would mean that 2.9% of holiday packages were stolen. However, that’s only if the USPS was delivering all the stolen packages, but since other delivery services also dropped off ones that were stolen that 2.9% number is way lower. Let’s assume USPS, FedEx and UPS all did 900 million, that’s a theft rate of of less that one-percent.

It seems to me the system of home, office and locker delivery is working pretty well. Certainly not poor enough to be any kind of motivating factor is car buying. Though the mobile car washing seems useful. On a sunny day in Dallas I can bail on a few different locations around town because of lines only to return home in my pollen covered car.

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