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September 27, 2018

By: Jonathan


Four Dodge Demons Led By Michael Andrettis’ Head To Same Auction

Is it a testament to the market’s demand for the Dodge Demon given the limited run or to the impracticality of the straight-line car? You be the judge, but either way four are currently listed for sale at a singular auction in Dallas, of all places, hosted by Mecum Auctions.

The most interesting of the three is one that was built for Michael Andretti. Yes, that Michael Andretti of open-wheel racing fame. However, built for him it’s clear that Andretti prefers a car that can perhaps corner a little better as it was never driven or even dealer prepped and only has its 13 delivery miles on the odometer. It is no. 47 of the first 50 produced for VIPs and execs.

His is not the only low mileage Demon of the bunch, in fact a couple others are listed under the 10 mile mark. One is also listed as only 1 of 8 in purple which adequately compliments Andretti’s bold yellow. It will be interesting to see what the market does for these four in Dallas and competing against one another. As it stands Andretti’s will undoubtedly set the bar and the other three will jockey for position behind.

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