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December 30, 2019

By: Jonathan


Four No Reserve Kirkham Cars To Shine In Scottsdale

Everything is bigger in Texas and it should go without saying that includes Sam Pack’s collection of Kirkham Cobras.


The Texas based collector, Pack, has a collection of over 20 cars headed to Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction and of them four are these stunning Kirkham Cobras. All being offered at no reserve, the Kirkham Cobra is the creation of David Kirkham and his Utah-based Kirkham Motorsports. In 1994 Kirkham would restore a Shelby 427 Cobra and that same year assist in repairs to an old Polish fighter plane. Finding the metal work to be similar between the Cobra and plane, Kirkham paired with Polish metalworkers to create his own run of Cobras. Crossing the block in Arizona are three Cobras and one Daytona Coupe he’s created.


The three similar Cobras are all powered by an aluminum 427cu.-in. V8 engines while the Daytona Coupe is sporting a 363cu.-in. V8 aluminum small-block. And while the performance of these cars is nothing to ignore, it is their exterior that is truly noteworthy, particularly that of the bronze and copper Cobras. In this instance bronze and copper are referring to the color in the traditional sense, but also the material. The bronze car is handcrafted in Silicon Bronze while the copper is stamped from sold copper and if you know anything about copper prices, the latter’s material makes is incredibly expensive. For reference, copper is currently valued at $2.82 a pound compared to aluminum (the material of the Daytona) which is $0.81 a pound. However, like any commodity the prices can fluctuate and the car’s material today is worth nearly $2.00 a pound less than it was built in 2010.


These four cars would be stunning in their own right, but tied to the incredible Shelby story they’re truly something special and we can’t wait to see what they bring at auction in early 2020.


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