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April 24, 2018

By: Sinjin


Galaxie Quest: Richard’s Crazy Timeline Vs. Monkeys’ Pursuit Of Excellence

Photography by: Andy Grant

Instead of getting hung up on one Galaxie analogy to allude to throughout, let’s get possible references out of the way early: Guardians of the “Galaxie,” in a Galaxie far far away, the Galaxie is on Orion’s belt…That should suffice for now, but if you have any good ones leave them in the comments.

The 1962 Ford Galaxie episodes contained a near Galaxy’s worth of happenings and something for every one. Drama as the Monkey’s struggled to finish the build in defiance of Richard, intrigue as to the “barn find” Q-Code in Indiana, comedy as the guys attempted to be athletes and murder…well, not quite, but the return of Sue wielding a machete is probably as close as we will see on Fast N’ Loud.

Needless to say the Galaxie build presented its share of struggles, that stripe being the most glaring looking back, but thankfully that was dealt with and the car ultimately turned out gorgeous and continue the trend of new colors on builds as of late.

Additionally, the fire truck’s and police car’s back stories were revealed after so many became familiar with them on the livecam and social media and they found new deserving homes. The ’73 Dodge Polara replica from the film “The Sugarland Express” selling for $13,500 to a family looking to honor their late sun and the firetruck selling for $20,000 which Richard and Dennis offer to match.

As for the Galaxie, it, for the time being, remains at Gas Monkey Garage defended by the men in black, er, rather the monkeys in black.

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