When Gas Monkey Garage first opened in 2004 the premise was simple: to be the most badass hot rod shop. In just eight years GMG got recognition as being just that when Discovery green lit Fast N’ Loud.

Six years and over a hundred episodes later the GMG brand continues to look forward with merchandise, restaurants, liquor and energy drinks around the world. Gas Monkey Garage owes their success to Richard Rawlings’s strict approach to not cutting corners in anything he does. A philosophy which began in GMG’s infancy. “We don’t buy parts—only whole models without too much rust,” says Rawlings, by demanding the best, he became the best.

The Journey Began

However, that success didn’t come alone, but thanks in part to a team of talented mechanics: Jason Aker, Jeremy Cheatham, Mike Coy, Charles Cimino and Tony Cano. Armed with their mastery of mechanics, electrics, fabrication, paint and all things cars this team can build anything and do so within grueling time frames.