Facebook Fan Q&A with Richard


July 27, 2012

By: Richard Rawlings


Gas Monkey Gets Social and OTHER BIG NEWS

It’s true. We jumped on that social media bandwagon, took the wheel, and we’re driving it fast and loud. Burnouts and everything. You know, true Gas Monkey style. This social media thing is a lot to grasp, from Facebook posts and Instagram pictures to those irritatingly restrictive 140-character tweets, but we’re having a hell of a good time getting to know our fans. They’re something else. The guys are all crazy car junkies like us, and the ladies love Aaron’s beard so much it might end up with its own Twitter handle. Imagine what that thing would tweet.

We’ve given away Gas Monkey Garage T-shirts to our fans and followers, answered questions live on Twitter during Fast N’ Loud episodes, and we even invited some of our Facebook fans to crash one of our Fast N’ Loud watch parties. (Which may or may not have resulted in someone getting Aaron’s face tattooed on his ass.) And we’re just getting started. Look forward to more contests, more pictures of our favorite builds, and videos of us monkeying around in the garage.

Hell, let’s go all out with this. How about we sell one of our fully-finished builds to a lucky Facebook fan THIS WEEKEND? We’re not going to give you all the dirty details just yet, but you know how Richard says it “shines like a diamond in a goat’s ass”? Well, you’re just going to have to see this one to believe it. (The car, not the ass diamond.) Go “Like” our Facebook page and tomorrow we’ll give you the low down.

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