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April 21, 2020

By: Jonathan


Gas Monkey’s 280Z Goes Up In Flames

A while ago you watched as Gas Monkey Garage completed work on their first tuner car, a 1975 Datsun 280Z , but now we mourn its loss. Life is cruel that way.


Originally purchased by Richard for $8,000 the car was was now practically priceless, to us and fans anyway making a name for itself at SEMA before being sold. After its SEMA appearance, like most cars at Gas Monkey Garage, it was time for it to find a new home and put some cash in Richard’s pocket.


However, this fan-favorite 2+2 is now nearly worthless after being transported with six other cars when the trailer went up in flames. And the flames you’d expect from a SR20 engine producing 400hp.


We are unclear exactly what other cars were also involved in the fire, but from the charred remains of some of them, this trailer was carrying some pretty pricey cargo.

Ultimately, the Datsun lived up to its name, sun meaning “loss” in Japanese.

Did you miss the episode of Fast N’ Loud where Richard found out it was burnt to a crisp? You can watch it now on DiscoveryGo.

Or perhaps you miss this 280Z so much you want to remember it not well done? Watch the full build on this top-notch tuner here.


Updated: April 21st, 12:oopm

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