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February 11, 2019

By: Jonathan


Gas Monkey’s Ferrari F40 Seeking New Life At Impound Auction [Updated]

One of the biggest unknowns remaining in the world today is whether or not there is life after death and while that can’t be answered today in regards to me or you it can be said that there is certainly life after death for our F40 Ferrari build.

The story of how Gas Monkey came to own the Ferrari has been well documented through the years and on Fast N’ Loud, but in short it was purchased very badly wrecked by Richard and restored to glory… Albeit with a new and darker paint job. Following the cars rebirth it found fame online, was sold at Barrett-Jackson, owned by Reggie Jackson, you know, all the usual things associated with a car of that caliber. However, the downside of fame like that is that it can attract some questionable characters.

Owned by a parking lot operator, Richard Scott, the car found its way into the hands of the government. Scott was sentenced last year for stealing $13 million from the VA and as a result had his high-priced assets taken by the government, enter the F40. With Scott now out of the picture, for six years give to take, the car is now up for auction by Apple Auctioneering a firm specializing in “seized asset management and government liquidation.” The online auction is set to kickoff in just under four days and Richard plans to bid aggressively on the car, so the question is, will this Ferrari F40’s newest life be back at Gas Monkey Garage?

Update: The Gas Monkey Garage F40 hammered at auction for an extreme $760,000!

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