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July 23, 2019

By: Jonathan


Get A Glimpse Into The Future With All-Electric Ford F-150

No this isn’t a Black Mirror episode, we truly are on the cusp of the all-electric Ford F-150.

There isn’t a lot to be know about the all-electric F-150 other than it will be coming to market where it will join a hybrid F-150 option. Based off the prototype the truck will look like any other F-150 which makes sense as the shift to electric doesn’t alter design much aside from battery space which a pickup would have in spades. However, no details have been released on the batteries or motor or anything, other than that it can pull more than a million pounds.

To showcase the towing ability, Ford hooked the prototype up to 10 double-decker train cars and pulled over a million pounds a thousand feet. So, aside from all the unknowns we know it’s got towing capacity going for it, which is nice.

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