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April 3, 2018

By: Jonathan


Get To Know BADD GT Driver Johnny Böhmer

You’ve seen his videos here and you’ve seen him on Fast N’ Loud, now get to know the man behind the wheel of the BADD GT, Johnny Böhmer.

Name: Johnny Böhmer
Age: 57
Hometown: Born in Dallas, TX. / Raised in Lexington, KY. / Resident of West Palm Beach, FL. for the last 35 years.

When did you first find yourself drawn to cars?
When I began to crawl.

What professional racing experience do you have?
My brothers were heavily involved in flat track racing (motorcycles) so I was constantly around motorsports growing up. I started racing motorcycles at the age of 7 (motocross), and continued racing motorcycles both on the dirt and at the drag strip. I started racing cars on both the drag strip and dirt oval track in my teens. I discontinued oval track racing to concentrate on drag racing cars and motorcycles, as well as standing mile and top speed racing, which I still do to this day.

What drew you to speed in particular?
Gotta have it! As a child, I was always pushing the limit, whether it was jumping off a high bridge into a lake, or the fact that I held the record with my bicycle for jumping the most “big wheels” in the neighborhood. I even personally met Evel Knievel twice as a kid and witnessed him set world records for jumping busses on his Harley. I cannot explain the incredible feeling of pushing the envelope and going fast but to those who have this disease, they understand.

What’s the fastest you’ve gone?
292.9 MPH

What’s your favorite car to go fast in?
Of course, the BADD GT (Ford GT)

Do you have an ultimate speed goal in mind for yourself? Street legal car in general?
Yes, I want to be the first street legal car to break 300 MPH. Afterwards, I will be setting my sights on 325 MPH. Keep in mind that the BADDGT is the first car to break 250 MPH in the standing mile and then it went on to be the first car to ever break 275 MPH in the standing mile. It is now the current Guinness World Record holder in the standing mile at 283.232 MPH. This was all done in a street driven car with both air conditioning and a stereo.

How did the JB Proving Grounds begin?
I started doing Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing at the Kennedy Space Center on the Shuttle Landing Facility runway in 2009. After realizing that the 3-mile runway was the smoothest and flattest piece of concrete in the world, I knew this was the ultimate place to perform Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing. I developed a testing program that has now been used by hundreds of teams and OEM manufacturers worldwide. The Johnny Böhmer Proving Grounds is the best place in the world to get perfect, real world, aerodynamic results.

What’s the goal behind it?
My goal is to help all the vehicle manufacturers around the world the ability to maximize the potential fuel economy and emissions reduction for all of their vehicles. We also test many vehicles to verify the manufacturers claims and the results achieved are usually very enlightening.

Are the proving grounds open to the public?
All are welcome to the Johnny Böhmer Proving Grounds. After completing necessary paper work and background checks, all are admitted to test their vehicles on the 3-mile, Shuttle Landing Facility Runway. The Johnny Böhmer Proving Grounds team will facilitate all of the necessary paperwork and assist with safely conducting testing.

What events, runs, cars do you have coming up in the near future?
Many of the teams and manufacturers that come out to test at JBPG are private. Occasionally, Johnny’s team will put together a Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing Session for private consumers to bring personal vehicles to test. We have tested numerous privately-owned vehicles including the Porsche 918, McLaren P1, Saleen S7, SSC Ultimate Aero, Porsche GT2, and Ford GT just to name a few. Private consumers have also brought various models of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Dodge SRT Hellcats and even the new Dodge SRT Demon to be tested here as well.

Watch more of Johnny Bohmer’s record-setting runs right now on the Johnny Bohmer Youtube channel and make sure to subscribe while there! 

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