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October 21, 2019

By: Sinjin


Getting Behind the Scenes and Behind The Build With Jason Aker!

It’s no secret that with any reality show there is some TV magic happening behind the scenes. With only an hour time slot for each episode which once you take into account commercials becomes more like 45 minutes, it’s impossible to show the viewers everything that goes into a build. One key element you don’t always get to see as it may not make for the best TV is the brainstorming process.


Ever wondered what a GMG brainstorming session is like? Well, I sat down with our shop foreman Jason Aker to talk about what goes into the brainstorming process and how a Gas Monkey build starts on its path to a new life.


What’s up Jason. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. Richard brings y’all a car, what happens next?

First off, when he brings in a car, we have no clue about it. He must store it somewhere else because some of these I’ve never seen before. Then for the next 5-10 minutes it’s us basically making fun of everything possible on the car. If you’ve watched more than two episodes of the show, you’ll know he hardly brings us pristine classics. With us making fun of it though, it does help us spot the problem areas on the car that will need to be addressed. But also, working at a shop like Gas Monkey, if you can’t find some things to laugh at, it’ll kill ya!

So, after y’all basically rip apart Richard’s brand new idea, how do y’all come up with the build scheme?

The entire build becomes almost like a potluck of everyones ideas and preferences. We really do circle up and just spit ball some ideas, some actually serious, and some just completely outlandish. Some of the time, we get vetoed by Richard and have to implement something he wants. Other times our brainstorming session brings up something even Richard hasn’t thought about. What’s cool about this whole process is that it gets the guys excited. Everybody starts to look forward to a certain part of the build and making their mark.

Going off of everybody’s ideas, it seems like every build could easily start to become a $200,000 build. How do you reel everybody else in?

Well, Richard’s budget at the beginning really does dictate what we can do. We do our best to say realistic options, but those crazy ideas sometime make it through and make it onto the build. After we laid out all of our ideas, we start calling up our vendors. All of our vendors do an amazing job, but sometimes we dream up something that just can’t be done, especially on our timeline or just not at that moment. The budget and the timeline do a real good job of cutting down on ideas.

It seems like all the Monkeys here have a different taste in cars. How does that play a role in building these cars?

It comes down to us taking a step back and reazling its not just about what we like. We get lucky if we get to work on a project that is in our wheelhouse of tastes and prefrences. Sometimes we get done with a build, and certain members of the crew don’t like it. Not based off of quality, but just on what we would’ve like to see on it instead. We have think about what our fans want to see and think outside of the box and what we like. What makes this crew so great is that we do EVERY type of cars and trucks.


Keep an eye out for more interviews to come as we show y’all more and more of behind the scenes!


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