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August 6, 2020

By: Sinjin


Go Off The Grid With This ’77 VW Bus

It might not be the fastest or have groundbreaking technology, but the Volkswagen Bus is one of the few cars that is guaranteed a spot on the Mount Rushmore of classic cars. No matter who you are or how old you are, we’ve all seen a VW Bus and dreamed about ditching the everyday grind and living the dream in one.

1977 Volkswagen Bus Front Angle
With the amount of space these Volkswagens have, they’ve become an all-time favorite to customize. Camper, mini-sized, drag strip racer, or just plain original, take a quick scroll through the internet and you’ll find one of these busses in all different forms.


As we were scrolling through the interwebs to find our next buy, we found this kickass 1977 Volkswagen Bus Westfalia. Yes, it’s in a LOT better shape than the cars we typically buy, but we couldn’t just keep scrolling and not spotlight it.

The Westfalia Camper was a conversion of these beloved busses turning it into the perfect camper. Typically they’re outfitted standard with fold-out seating, sink, icebox, and even electrical hookups. What made them even more spectacular was the optional upgrades. The pop-up tops, camping stove, awnings, and a factory tent that resembles a house being fumigated makes this Volkswagen even better for going off the grid.

This ’77 has it all with a propane stove, a refrigerator, sink, convertible bed, and upgraded stereo. The power plant isn’t numbers matching but period correct with a replacement fuel-injected flat-four paired with a four-speed manual transaxle.

We wouldn’t be doing this bus justice if we didn’t talk about the color. If you’re reading this, you know by now Gas Monkey Richard Rawlings loves his green paint. This shade of green leans towards the color of our Vomit Comet. The white accents help break up our judgment on the overall color, but vomit green is still vomit green.

As I’m writing this, the current bid on Bring-A-Trailer is $18,500, but it’s anyone’s guess what it’ll go for as B.A.T auctions get way more interesting in the closing minutes. If you’re looking to hop off the grid in some style and retire for the rest of 2020, we’d be pretty envious of you if you did so in this Volkswagen Camper.

To see more of it, check it out on Bring-A-Trailer now.

Photos: Bring-A-Trailer

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