'Blink of An Eye' Is The NASCAR Doc You Didn't Know You Needed


July 24, 2019

By: Sinjin


Guess Who’s Back, Back Again, Keke’s Back, Tell A Friend

We’ve been getting questions left and right about a familiar face that is back in the garage and back in the new season of Fast N Loud. He was there is the very early days of Gas Monkey and was the right hand man to our head painter at the time, KC. Well as fate would have it, Kennan “Keke” Hons is a Monkey again! After finishing up a build one day, I sat down with the newly returned Monkey and caught up with him.


Welcome back to the shop, Keke! For those who don’t know, wanna give some background on you and GMG?

Well, I started here way back in 2012. I did a few things here, mostly in paint and body, but really wherever I was needed.  After a bit I wanted to venture out and have a change of scenery. I left for a few years and decided that I wanted to come back . As hectic and crazy as this place is, it’s hard to stay away from.


Now that you’re a Monkey again, what was it like coming back? What was it like walking back into the shop? 

It felt like I never left. All the tools and supplies are basically in the same place, even some of the stuff I hid in the back of the paint shop (don’t tell Daphne and Richard). I pretty much knew just about everyone on the crew so I didn’t take much to fall back into place. Might be some new faces, but fells just like the old days.

Speaking about the old days, what’s your favorite build that you worked on before you left?

Without a doubt it has to be the GMG GT! A Ford super car and it’s on air ride; whats not to love there. It’s an all time favorite and I’d love to get to work on another one of those.


You’ve been known here at the shop for being into motorcycles and dirt bikes, any special projects of your own that you’re working on now?    

Even though I tend to be more into motorcycles, my current project is my first truck that I got in high school, an  ’01 F-150. I’m (slowly) building into a prerunner. It’s got a 5.0 Coyote, h&m long travel, Fox shocks, and all that jazz. We all have a personal projects here at the shop, but this build is really out of the ordinary. 


For all the curious people at home, do you have any connection to Jax from Sons of Anarchy? Y’all could be twins.

Oh totally, he’s been my stunt double on the show in the past. Surprised y’all haven’t caught onto that earlier.

Around the shop, people tend to think that you’re a man of few words. Any comment about that?


Can you give any hints about the upcoming season and what’s going to come out of this shop?

Lots and lots of power. All of the builds this season are kinda out of the ordinary, no two builds will be alike. Might be the best lineup of builds on a season yet. 


Gotta say, we’re glad to have you back at the shop but to wrap things up, what’s one build that you would like to see come out of this shop? 

Something totally odd and totally different. Maybe something like a Evinrude 2 stroke V8 in an amphibious car. Let’s see how we can make one of those 

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