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October 23, 2020

By: Sinjin


Gymkhana co-star brings big $$$ for charity!

What Ken Block can do with a car sliding sideways and burning rubber is absolutely ludicrous. Is the Gymkhana series the greatest of all time when it comes to driving videos? Surprisingly, it depends on who you ask. What’s not up for debate though is the stunning appearance and the utter quality of the cars Ken Block slings around. Amongst his collection of impressive cars built to handle almost anything under the sun, Block finally decided to part with one of them to benefit Team Rubicon, his 2016 Ford Focus RS RX.

With the car auction scene slowing coming back, with and without spectators, Barrett Jackson Auctions set to break the internet on Thursday at their Fall Auction at Westworld of Scottsdale. Typically you’ll see a car of this caliber roll across the block on Saturday, the prime time slot for the heavy hitters looking to bring a big chunk of change. But why delay the inevitable? Give us what we want now!

This 2016 Ford Focus became famous as it was Ken Block’s co-star in “Gymkhana NINE: Raw Industrial Playground”, and made most of us say “Holy Sh*t, a Ford Focus can do that?”.

The beauty of this Focus going across the block is that we get to know exactly what’s under the hood. By the hands of Ford Performance and M-Sport U.K., they designed the body and the muscle to power this drifting legend. Under the hood is a 600hp 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine paired with a Garrett turbocharger. It’s riding on Reiger suspension with a seam welded and reinforced chassis and underbody protection. As well, this vehicle features a Sadev 5-speed sequential transmission with a Sadev rear differential and center differential release unit.

Before Ken Block personally drove the car across the stage, he just had to show what this car was still capable of and prove this was not just a gutted metal container that resembles a car. He took to the asphalt and in typical Gymkhana fashion, floored it and threw the car sideways with Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson sitting shotgun. Once the smoke show was finished, it was time to part with this beauty for a great cause.

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For those that are unfamiliar with Team Rubicon, they’re a charity whose mission is to provide relief to those affected by disaster, no matter when or where it strikes. Their mission is definitely an honorable one, Gas Monkey Garage has actually partnered up with Team Rubicon and Omaze to give a Corvette not too long ago.

The videos of what this car can do could have honestly sold itself, but pair that it a noble cause, it was an absolute no-brainer. Hammering for $200k, and 100% of that sale going to Team Rubicon, this one of one Gymkhana car now has a new home. Will the new owner take a crack at keeping this tire-shredding Ford in drifting shape and throw it sideways from time to time? We can only hope.

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